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With more than 10 years’ experience in the electronic component market, EMI knows how deep down inside the global electronics industry supply chain keeps developing and changing. As opportunities and challenges exist side by side, we play the role of an independent distributor, we will help you find the right electronic component based on your part numbers.

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Normally we will ship goods in 1 to 5 days after the payment have been received.
Competitive Price
Professional global sourcing team and OEM ODM EMS clients inventory asset management stock.
 100% brand new original. Original source of documents, parts serial numbers for tracking.

EMI have good advantages of supplying stock and shortage electronic components

EMI provides stock and shortage electronic components to our varieties of our middle and high-end clients which are from industries such as Medical, Military, Aerospace, Computer, Peripheral, Telecommunications, AI, Robotics, Transportation, Smart Devices Manufactures etc,.

IC Chips

Memory IC

electrical transistors

Electrical Transistors

Electronic Diode

Power Module

Electronic Capacitors

electronic connector

Electronic Connector

Electronic Resistor

Company Advantages:

BOM kitting service all-around, Seek the best prices from our global sources, Advantages of integration from different agents in different areas. Some parts are offered from original manufactures directly. The source can be traced, quality guarantee.

    Why EMI Can be Your Trusted Electronic Components Distributor


    10 Years of electronic components distribution experience-Stable source with competitive price

    We are committed to provide comprehensive electronic components supply chain solutions services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Brand Manufacturers (OBM), Contract Manufactures, Electronic Manufacturer Service (EMS) and Independent Design House (IDH) both in China and overseas. Including Spot Buy, BOM Kitting, Inventory Asset Management


    Stock and shortage IC components supply-fast delivery

    Our global rich source and electronic manufacture clients inventory assets management enable us to offer you stock and shortage parts with very competitive price.


    EMI guarantee only offer brand new original IC electronic components

    We insist in only offering to our clients 100% original brand new parts.

    Why RANTLE Can be Your Trusted Electronic Components Distributor


    16 Years of electronic components distribution experience

    Friendly, knowledgeable and professional sales team, prompt response, good communication.


    Fast delivery on most of the electronic component orders

    75% of electronic components available for immediate delivery or short lead time.


    High-quality electronic parts and components

    Our components are tested for quality by our professional and experienced QC team to ensure their authenticity and functionality before dispatching the shipment to our valued customers.