Quality Policy

EMI International Co.,ltd has established a strict and scientific quality management system, to control the quality comprehensively with advanced methods in world. We have set up a quality management team, which is responsible for the establishment, standardization and improvement of the quality system, and guides and supervises the quality management of each department.

Our quality management system includes::
• Supplier Management
• Quality Control Procedures
• Store/Packing/Delivering Process
• Quality Control Database
• RMA Procedures

Supplier rating system
Original Manufacturers, Category Distributors, Franchised Distributors
OEM, ODM, EMS factories

About Quality Inspection
The strict quality inspection process is the core part of EMI IC quality control system. We have advanced testing processes, professional testing equipment, experienced IQC engineers, professional and responsible working attitude, which can ensure our customers of world-class quality goods.

Step 1 – Appearance Inspection

For all the warehouse goods, we perform appearance inspection and make detailed inspection records.
•Manufacturers, manufacturers part numbers, quantity, date code and RoHS
•Packaging inspection: whether the packaging is intact/ complete, in compliance with the corresponding standards of MSL
•Marking inspection, consistency inspection, the original specifications and documentation check
•Material appearance inspection, dust conditions, whether the pin is deformed, whether the pin shows signs of oxidation

Step 2 – Engineers to Re-examination

All the materials provided by non-Tier 1 suppliers in the system should be re-examined by engineers.
•Review Appearance Inspection process
•Check the manufacturers label/marking and coding logo with reference to the quality control database
•Bar code scanning inspection
•Check with the original factory lot number, batch number, date code, and related wafer/packaging origins
•Electrical performance test

Step3 – Quality Testing

All the unidentified goods in the Engineer Re-examination process will go to the quality testing process and would be tested by the authoritative laboratories such as Whitehorse and CECC laboratories.
• Solderability testing
• D-CAP analysis
• X-RAY analysis
• XRF/EDX/EDS testing
• Functional test
Qualified suppliers with third-party certification, such as ERAI, IDEA, ISO etc.
Other qualified suppliers.

Storage / packaging / transportation standard
•Anti-static packaging/label
•Humidity degree control
•Constant temperature control
•Files for each customer with information of packaging demands and labeling
•To find the fastest, safest and most economical ways of transportation

Quality control database management
The most effective way to ensure the “zero defect” of the product is to establish a comprehensive quality control database. Detailed information of all incoming and outgoing goods will be uploaded to the company’s quality control database for archiving, including:
•Quality Control List, with detailed records of goods storage information
•Detailed information with photographs of the purchasing archived
•Detailed information with photographs of the shipping archived
•Quality testing analytical measures/reports /documents archived

RMA return process
If you have doubts with goods supplied by us, please contact the correspondent sales representatives and provide the following documents for us to provide you with timely solutions.
•Sending us the quality test report so that we can immediately contact relevant vendors to consult quality issues and eliminate potential risks.
EMI IC provide positive solutions /schemes to you within 24 hours after receiving the customer’s RMA.
•Samples testing, we need customers to provide goods in doubt, summit them to the original manufacturer or third-party authoritative testing organizations for detailed testing and analysis to find the root cause of quality problems, so as to provide more effective to quality risks.
•If the goods are confirmed of defects, EMI committee a full recall of goods and bear all the transportation costs.